Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download JukesBesides the almighty iTunes, there are other alternate music managers like Jukes that can also do their job pretty well. This music catalog helps you organize your MP3 library in an easy and efficient way, saving you time and loads of typing. It also features an embedded player to enjoy your favorite tracks right on the spot.

Cover Stream With Cover Stream you can enjoy the beauty of your iTunes’ Cover Flow on your Mac’s desktop. The application includes basic playback functions and a more discreet Mini-Flow mode. Use the Flip Browsing mode to select tracks by flipping over album covers.

Get hooked on Resco DiamondsGot some time to kill this weekend? Then bludgeon it to death with Resco Diamonds, an addictive Pocket PC game that’s impossible to put down. Your objective is to create groups of at least three diamonds of the same colour. If you manage to make larger groups you’ll receive bonuses in the form of special diamonds.

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