Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download FoxyTunesMost of us listen to music while surfing the web, so wouldn’t it be nice to control it from the browser itself? If you use Firefox now you can: install the FoxyTunes extension and you’ll be able to manage your favorite player without having to leave the browser’s window. FoxyTunes is highly customizable, supports skins and works with a wide variety of audio players.

lb.pngIf you’re not completely satisfied with the Spotlight search feature in Mac you can always try LaunchBar. This advanced search bar lets you quickly find and act upon any file, folder, application or more. Use abbreviations to quickly find anything and access preference panes from any application in seconds.

Ramp up the size of your fontsIt’s great having all this new-fangled mobile phone technology at your fingertips, but what if you’re eyesight is too weak to read the screen properly? You install Font Magnifier, of course. This neat Symbian utility allows you to set the point size of all the fonts on your system, or choose those that you wish to alter.

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