Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Windows: Tumblr is a cool micro blogging site, where you can quickly and easily share all sorts of content, from simple text to rich media like video and audio. Tumblr Post is a fantastic Firefox add-on that sticks a little icon in the system tray of your browser. All you have to do to post blogs in Tumblr is drag things over the icon. Text, YouTube links, image and audio files can all just be dropped in and blogged automatically. It’s a great way to get into Tumblr!

NeoOfficeMac: NeoOffice is a welcome open source alternative to the pricier Microsoft Office and iWork’08 office suites. The application carries with it all the applications that you’d expect: word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, database and drawing. You’ll find the interface of NeoOffice and the range of tools in the office suite very similar to what you’d find in Microsoft Office but without the price tag.

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