Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Need for Speed: ProStreet Porsche EditionBuckle up and get ready for an adrenalin shot with Need for Speed: ProStreet Porsche Edition, the latest title of the NFS series. This demo features two powerful sports cars with which you’ll fly over the Porsche Leipzing track. A highly realistic physics engine and a true speed sensation make the challenge even more attractive.

FileChuteSending large files via the web can be a real chore, so it’s a relief when you can work with an application like FileChute. This nifty little application allows you to store files in your .Mac account and then generates a link with which your friends can access it. Drag and drop your files, copy the url link to email, and your done!

Access your phone from your PCOne of the problems of using your mobile phone for day-to-day tasks has always been that the screen size is very small, and the fact is, that will always remain the case. MyPhoneExplorer provides you with a complete suite for controlling and managing your cellphone from your PC. Connection is established very quickly, and the package detects the device either via USB cable, Bluetooth or Infrared.

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