Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Ad-Aware 8.2Windows: If you’re searching for a reliable tool to protect your system from all sorts of malware, Ad-Aware is the answer. The all-new version 8.2 of this excellent security suite includes important new features such as an email scanner to keep you safe from dangerous attachments, a real-time file scanner that detects malicious files and a rootkit removal system.

CleanAppMac: CleanApp helps you to thoroughly eliminate applications that you may have uninstalled in Mac OS X but that have left behind unwanted files and folders. Normally, when you remove a program, only the application itself is moved to the trash which means that there can be many other files left behind that you’re not aware of. CleanApp makes sure that nothing gets left behind.

PlantsvzombiesiPhone: Tower defense games have been done to death, but PopCap has breathed life into a often dull genre with Plants Versus Zombies. PopCap have taken this incredibly addictive game and put it on the iPhone, with almost everything intact. Utilizing your gardening skills, with the occasional help of Crazy Dave, you have to harvest sunlight to grow an army of plants to destroy the hordes of approaching zombies.

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