Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

thumb.pngWindows: Kaspersky PURE, the latest offering from the Kaspersky stable, is truly a thing to behold. It is a comprehensive, smooth and effective anti-virus, and deserves special note for its parental control settings. All this magnificence comes at a price however; it is extremely hard on your computer’s resources. Give it a try and see if it’s worth the drag.

CamtasiaMac: Camtasia Studio has been available on Windows for quite some time now but developers at Techsmith have finally given Mac users a chance to enjoy all it has to offer. Now updated to version 1.1, the interface is still sleek, the production process straightforward, and recording is flexible enough to allow you to make plenty of inevitable errors without starting from scratch again.

WhatsAppiPhone: If your friends or family use iPhones or BlackBerrys, WhatsApp is designed to make SMS a thing of the past. With the app installed, users can send each other free messages using WiFi or 3G. The app syncs with your iPhone contacts and anyone else who has WhatsApp installed will be able to exchange SMS messages with you for free!

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