Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch EditionAs the number of iPhone and iPod Touch owners increases, software authors devote more time to create specific apps to manage these devices. One of them is MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition, a fully featured video transcoder with which you can easily convert any video to the iPhone and iPod Touch format and watch your favorite movie or TV show on the move.

TinyCal: proof that small can be beautifulI love having a calendar close at hand at all times, and now I can make dates even more accessible on my Mac thanks to TinyCal. This neat little app places your iCal or Google Calendar in the menu bar, so you can call up all your calendars immediately. You can set multiple calendars to appear from the drop down, and have them either in a line or a row.

An end to crashing worriesIf there’s one thing I hate in life, it’s when my PDA crashes for no apparent reason. Reset Doctor for Palm is designed to put a stop to this unexpected annoyance, reducing crashes and tracking down buggy applications on the device. It also saves your preferences, such as alarms and registration codes that are always inexplicably deleted when your handheld fails.

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