Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Cyril Roger


MiroMac: There aren’t that many options to watch television over Internet on Mac. Miro 1.2.4 is probably the most famous of all. The free video tool lets you download and watch episodes from hundreds of channels. Although downloading can take time and image quality isn’t always great it’s a fun way to waste time and watch videos from all over. Miro also supports all sorts of video formats.

Download PicPickWindows: Most of the time your daily work with photos is reduced to a few captures, some basic editing and that’s it. PicPick 1.7.2 is the perfect tool for those photo editing tasks: a standalone application with a decent array of special effects and filters, and a full-featured capturing tool.

Send IMs from your phoneJava Phones: You don’t have to just use your phone for calling and SMS messaging, you know. You can also chat via instant messaging, just as you would do on your home computer. IM+ 4.1 enables you to do this and boasts support for all the major IM networks.

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