Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Little Fighter 2Windows: Do you remember those good old fighting games you used to play in arcades? You can bring back those sweet memories with Little Fighter 2, a fun Street Fighter remake with cute manga-style graphics. Engage in endless battles and use your secret movements to beat all your enemies! You can play against other people or the PC, with support also for online games.

WitchMac: Are you addicted to keyboard commands? You’ll love working with Witch, a window switcher that allows you to move quickly through minimized and foremost windows and call up applications quickly. The program, which essentially is a preference pane item, is simple to customize, just set your own keyboard shortcuts as triggers and decide what actions to call. Simple and efficient.

Read HTML and text files on your phoneSymbian:  If you need to read documents on your phone then you need to get yourself iSilo, a sophisticated reader for viewing HTML documents and text files on your phone. The best thing about the software is that it uses a little trick to make these files as small as possible, saving you space on your device.

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