Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Cyril Roger


Shiki Video Downloader makes online video simplerWindows: There’s a huge trend at the moment for programs and applications that bring together content from several sites to save you the hassle of visiting them all. That’s exactly what Shiki Video Downloader attempts to do bringing together content from sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, GoogleVideo and Metacafe. You can then watch the videos directly on your desktop.

0t_usenext.pngMac: Anybody serious with file sharing knows that newsgroups is where it’s at. UseNeXt 4.81 is a client that allows you to handle all your downloads and uploads from your desktop. It features a chat section where you can engage with other people on the same newsgroups as you. File transfers are usually very fast and the anonymity that comes from them makes them much more attractive.

See if you cna defeat the Hexxagon mazeSymbian:  If you’re a fan of puzzle games and are bored of the same old formats then Hexxagon Labs may make for a refreshing change. Kind-of an Othello with hexagons, Hexxagon Labs sees you tackle a series of mind-boggling quests over a series of complex levels. The aim of the game is to fill as many of the spaces on the board as possible by moving around strategically and capturing enemy pieces.

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