Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Windows: If you ever need to sync files or share documents online, this app may be the perfect choice. Dropbox synchronizes the contents of a given folder with its online servers, making it accessible to any computer linked to your Dropbox profile. Use it to share photos, work on common projects or have a permanent online backup copy of your files.

Record data using your mobile phoneJava phones: Capturing data for quantitative field studies can be a real chore. However, if you’ve got Handylearn Counter installed on your mobile phone, then things get much easier.You just assign a key to a particular feature or variable then hit this every time this variable occurs. This makes it great for things like measuring traffic.

VLC PlayerMac: The world’s best open-source multimedia player just got updated. VLC Media Player, now on version 0.9.2 is one of the most popular programs on Softonic and it’s not hard to see why. VLC is lightweight, compact, easy to use and will play just about any video you throw at it, from DVDs to broken WMV files. What’s more, it’s totally free and open source. All in all, one of the truly great little apps out there.

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