Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Windows Movie MakerWindows: if you think that creating photo presentations is too difficult for you, don’t worry. Windows Movie Maker is the perfect tool for the novice user to create beautiful multimedia presentations with images, videos and transition effects. Simply drag and drop elements onto the timeline. Once you’re finished, you can export the video to several formats. Voilà!

Get the latest weather on your phoneSmartphone: These days if you want to know the weather forecast you don’t need to wait for it on TV or buy a newspaper. WeatherBug Direct is a Windows Mobile add-on that provides you with live local weather information wherever you may be. This information is displayed on your Smartphone’s home screen, outlining the forecast for today, tomorrow, and the next day.

RevolverHDMac: RevolverHD lets you play back your edited high definition movies from iMovie08 on the Playstation3. In addition, it allows you to create Blu-ray compatible DVDs so that you’ve got a complete HDTV editing and playback suite. This is fantastic for all those that don’t have or can’t afford a Blu-ray burner or simply don’t have any Blu-ray disks. Professional processing power in a remarkably lightweight utility.

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