Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

James Thornton


Block people from calling youAre you fed up with having to fend off calls from your boss, your ex or pestering money-lenders? If you have a Blackberry phone then you should definitely get your hands on iBerry Black & Whitelist, an application that allows you to block certain numbers from calling you. Best of all, when they try to phone you won’t hear a ring or feel any vibration.

Awaken With Awaken you’ll be able to get up to the sound of your iTunes library in the morning. The application, presented in a smooth and well designed interface, can launch any song, playlist, or podcast from iTunes. It works with the Apple Remote and even includes an egg timer for those short alarms you might need.

Download PokerTHIf you find Windows Solitaire too simple for you, try poker instead! With PokerTH you can play the Texas Hold’em poker variety right in your computer, without wasting a single cent. The game supports both local and network games (either on LAN or via the Internet) and lets you play against up to six opponents.

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