Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Microsoft Image Composite EditorWindows: If you’ve always wondered how to create panoramic photos, here’s the answer: Microsoft Image Composite Editor lets you create panoramas in a couple of clicks, with no artistic or technical skills required. Simply select the right photos and let the program do the rest. Take your camera out and start creating panoramas today!

Check who is calling with a single glanceSymbian: If you want to be able to identify callers more easily then you may want to check out Skyecaller. The Symbian-based application allows you to identify both voice callers and senders of SMS messages, by a full-screen image of their face. So next time they call, you’ll know exactly who it is at a glance.

Mac: The world’s best open-source multimedia player just got updated. VLC Media Player, now on version 0.9.3 is one of the most popular programs on Softonic and it’s not hard to see why. VLC is lightweight, compact, easy to use and will play just about any video you throw at it, from DVDs to broken WMV files. What’s more, it’s totally free and open source. All in all, one of the truly great little apps out there.

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