Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Portable ArtweaverWindows: If you think digital drawing apps are nothing like the real thing, wait until you see Portable Artweaver. This amazing free editor includes a wide selection of different drawing tools with a focus on trying to be as realistic and natural as possible. Plus it supports layers, features a bunch of free filter and effects and saves to a bunch of graphic formats.

Get organized with Mobile MasterSymbian/Java phones: Want a reliable place to carry all your personal information around? Then fling out that filofax and download Mobile Master. The program lets you synchromize your mobile phone with your contacts and data from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Addressbook, Thunderbird and more. You can even send SMS messages to your email with the SMS servant

Data Guardian logoMac: While most security packages employ 128-bit encryption, Data Guardian goes a lot further with a staggering 448-bit level of protection. The Blowfish protection system is enough to stop all but the most determined hackers. The program basically allows you to create multiple databases based on different themes e.g. an address book, customer database, journal, password manager, or even notepad.

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