Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download OpenOffice 3.0Windows: Considered as one of the most popular open-source alternatives to the Microsoft suite, OpenOffice has just released its latest version. OpenOffice 3.0 features a new app launcher, support for Office 2008 formats, a freshly retouched design plus dozens of improvements for all its applications: Writer, Impress, Calc, Draw, Base and Math.

Go bowling on your Pocket PCPocket PC: Going bowling seems like a bit of an expensive luxury in these credit-crunching times. So why not save your money and install PBA Bowling on your Pocket PC instead. This excellent bowling sim, sees you come against real players from the Professional Bowler’s Association as you fight it out on your mobile to be crowned king of the pins.

Password thumbMac: If you’re not happy with Keychain on the Mac, 1Password is a great password management substitute. This application allows you to store and manage multiple identities and passwords, which you might use in all sorts of programs, websites or browsers. The program works with most of the major browsers, for which it includes an extension to quickly access 1Password while you’re surfing the net.

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