Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Cyril Roger


80 in 1 Best Flash GamesWindows: There’s nothing better than a good old Flash game to play over the weekend. Actually there is, it’s 80 in 1 Best Flash Games. All of them are free and you can play games in any category, from action to puzzles, racing or arcade. You can get playing really quickly too as the collection requires no installation. Simply copy the file on your hard drive. Good fun and lots of playing time.

MarsEditMac: Do you have multiple blogs? The best way to keep with them is to have a desktop publishing application like MarsEdit. Not only does it offer all the editing tools you need, but it also makes it ridiculously easy to add media, like videos, audio tracks or pictures and preview your posts in a browser. MarsEdit works with most blog publishing platforms like WordPress, Drupal or TypePad.

Play the slots on your phoneSmartphone: If you love gambling but hate losing all your money, then perhaps you should install Frutakia on your Windows Mobile phone. The game takes the casino slot machine idea and turns it into an original puzzle game. The aim of the game is to make groups of 3 or more same fruits/items at any direction! There are 5 different fruits and 2 different items.

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