Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Camtasia Studio 6Windows: Whether you’re a regular screencast producer or just need an easy tool to record video on your screen, Camtasia Studio is the perfect choice. This complete suite helps you record, edit, produce and share videos in a simple way. The latest version, Camtasia Studio 6, features support for HD video, MOV video editing, finer control over video effects and other features.

MojoMac: Do you want to share your iTunes collection with your friends? Mojo not only allows you to share iTunes library with others, but it will also let you download tracks from other people’s libraries. With an interface reminiscent of both iTunes and a messaging client, Mojo is easy to work with. It will display all libraries, that is if you have found others to connect with, in a list. So get sharing now!

Track GPRS data transfersSmartphone: Having a GPRS Internet connection on your phone is great, but the temptation of using it all the time can cause headaches when it comes to getting your phone bill through. A good way of keeping track of your data transfers is through Spb GPRS Monitor, which is actually able to give you a projection of the charges by calculating your GPRS usage.

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