Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Create panoramic imagesWindows: Panoramic photos may seem quite difficult to create, but the truth is that if you have the right app, it’s easy as pie. Pos Panorama Pro is one of those apps, providing you with an easy, intuitive wizard-style interface where you can create your own panoramas in just a few clicks. Give it a try and show off your panoramic skills!

coda_thumb.pngMac: If you’re a developer, there’s nothing better than having all your tools in one place. Coda is an all in one tool for web developers. If you’re looking to simplify your web workflow, Coda incorporates a text editor, a previewer, a CSS editor, a terminal and some solid references. Quick and flexible, Coda has the power to harmonize the way you work.

Large selection of iPhone backgroundsiPhone: Getting bored of your iPhone wallpaper? Then get a load of them with this collection of Backgrounds. There are hundreds to choose from and all of them are neatly organized into categories so you can quickly pick one that suits your mood.  Simply browse to an image that you like, click ‘Save’ and it will be automatically downloaded to your photo library.

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