Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download FoxGLoveWindows: Google fans have now an alternative browser to Google Chrome. It’s called FoxGLove and it’s a special version of Firefox that has been totally customized with all the Google apps and tools: Gmail, Gtalk, Google Calendar, Google Documents and a ton of other Google enhancement add-ons. Plus you can run it from a USB device and also use it while being offline.

SimplyBurns logoMac: Burning applications can tend to be bloated but sometimes all you need is something simple. SimplyBurns makes it extremely easy to burn CDs and DVDs via a simple GUI. It supports audio CDs, data projects and image burning plus it can automatically detect the optimum burning speed for your system. Simple, quick and easy burning in a click.

Send instant messages from your Pocket PCPocket PC: Mobile devices are great for talking but they’re also good for text chatting too. If you want to connect with your MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ or AIM contacts on your Pocket PC then simply install Agile Messenger. Besides being an IM client, the program features Push to Talk technology, which enables you to send voice messages from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC.

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