Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download SocksoWindows: Have you ever wanted to have a personal music server but didn’t even know where to start? Sockso is what you’re looking for. This simple Java app will help you have your own music server set up and running in no time – no technical skills required! Simply select the music folders you want to share and use your computer as streaming server.

Communicate better with SpeereoSymbian: If you’re traveling abroad this Christmas and are worried about communicating with the locals then install Speereo Voice Translator on your Symbian phone. This multilingual version of the program comes translations of more than 4,000 different words in nine languages. The words are organized into categories so it’s very easy to use the application.

Ticketmaster WidgetMac: There’s nothing worse than finding out your favorite band or artist is coming to town but you’re too late to get tickets. Ticketmaster Widget can help prevent this by showing on your desktop what’s on sale on the Ticketmaster website. It can be completely customized based on where you live although it only supports those users living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

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