Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download ProtoTypeWindows: If you started playing videogames 20 years ago you’ve probably spent a bunch of hours killing alien enemies. This is your mission in ProtoType, a fun shoot’em up in which you have to wipe out endless waves of enemy ships while scrolling your way to the final boss on each stage. Just like the old-school games, but with better graphics and sound!

0t_snowplane.pngMac: If you haven’t seen a single flake of snow this year then take solace in the fact that it can be Christmas every day on your Mac. Snowplane renders some beautifully intricate and delicate snowflakes that continuously fall on your desktop to give you that wintry, Christmas feeling. It doesn’t require any fancy 3D graphics cards and looks stunningly realistic.

Consult Wikipedia on your iPhoneiPhone: For many people, Wikipedia is now one of the first ports of call they make when trying to find out about a certain topic online. Wikiamo for iPhone allows you to consult the famous free encyclopedia from your Apple phone. The application is free and allows you to search for and browse Wikipedia entries very easily.

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