Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download PoladroidWindows: The Polaroid style is a visually-appealing effect to apply to your pictures, and now you can achieve it easily with Poladroid. This fun Mac app has just been ported to Windows and lets you create Polaroid versions of your favorite photos simply by dragging and dropping the images onto the program’s interface. The results are amazingly realistic!

Geneious logoMac: The increasingly-sophisticated processing power of the latest Macs means that science is increasingly looking towards them for help in research. Geneious combines a series of major DNA and protein sequence analysis tools into one powerful software solution. It’s obviously aimed at serious biologists or research scientists but in reality anyone can use it.

0_translator_plus_tn1.pngBlackberry: Do you often have to communicate with people who can’t speak your language? If you do then Translator+ makes a great addition to your BlackBerry. Translator+ is an online multi-translation tool that allows you to translate words and phrases between 12 different languages. It even integrates with your email service for writing mails in a foreign language.

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