Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Cyril Roger


TimeLogMac: When you work on multiple projects, tracking your time can be essential. TimeLog 4.3.7 ensures that you always stay productive, by monitoring the exact amount of time spent on multiple projects. The timeline-like interface and simple controls make it easy to manage multiple time logs. TimeLog also features an automatic timer and billing and lets you create smart lists. If you work with a number of Apple programs you’ll also find it interacts well with these.

Download WinampWindows: There are many audio players you can choose from to enjoy your favorite music on the PC, but Winamp 5.54 is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones. This last version includes new exciting features such as expanded Flash video support, dynamic song recommendations, full iPod syncing support and more.

Control your Pocket PC’s volumePocket PC: If you have one of those Pocket PCs where it’s really fiddly to change the volume then have a look at SetVolume. This touch-friendly app allows you to control the loudness of your device simply by swiping your finger around the dial. You can even mute your PDA or set it to vibrate mode simply by clicking on the middle button.

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