Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download MyPadlock Password ManagerWindows: when you have so many passwords you can hardly remember them, you know it’s time to start using a password manager and MyPadlock Password Manager can lend you a hand here. This handy tool creates a database to securely store all your usernames and passwords under a single master password – the only one you’ll have to remember from now on.

Play pinball on your Pocket PCPocket PC: If you’re a big pinball fan but can’t be bothered to drag yourself down to the local arcade, it might be worth installing Pinball Evolution on your Pocket PC. Pinball Evolution is a fab looking pinball sim for your mobile, which plays almost like the real thing. The game includes three different table layouts – a ship, a factory, and even a motocross course

GaragePay logoMac: If you are a heavy user of a PayPal, then you should have some way of keeping track of your payments and outgoings. Paypal provides it’s own limited services for this but GaragePay goes a lot further by providing a complete archive with which you can download, view, search and archive all your transactions made through PayPal.

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