Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

James Thornton


ginipic-th.pngWindows: Are you constantly looking for online pictures? This is the tool you need. Ginpic uses the keywords you enter to search for images on ten different websites, including Flickr, deviantART, Picasa, Photobucket and Facebook. The results are displayed as thumbnails on the program’s interface and you can then save the photos to your hard drive or share them online.

Access the best of the Net with Pocket ExpressPocket PC: If you still struggle to navigate the Web using your phone, then give Pocket Express a try. This multi-platform mobile app assimilates all the latest news and information in one place. You simply click on one of the nine icons to take you directly to that kind of information (News, Sports, Weather, Finance, Entertainment, Movies, Travel, Horoscopes and access to 24-hour tech support).

Veetle logoMac: Want to watch TV channels without installing an app? Veetle is a project of Stanford University that brings you hundreds of TV channels to your browser – no external application is required. The good news is that many of Veetle’s channels are useful (especially for sports fans) and the streaming quality is stable and high quality. The media player looks slick and refined and it loads incredibly quickly. You can watch CNN, Fox News and other custom made channels by users such as News 24/7 and lots of Japanese cartoon channels.

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