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Download MightyBoxThose of us who are still saving to buy a Mac can find some comfort in Windows tools that emulate some of the most popular Mac ones. This is the case of MightyBox, a nice app launcher with which you can open documents, run programs, browse the folder structure and more. Just like the QuickSilver launcher for Mac.

chopper.pngThere’s nothing better to a good side scrolling shoot ’em up game like Chopper. In this action war game you control a helicopter, having to go through 60 different scenarios, from saving a hostage to destroying an enemy base. Great graphics and easy controls make for a classic on Mac.

Revive your appetite for God gamesIf you’re a fan of games like Civilization and Populus and fancy playing God while you’re sat on the bus then get hold of Revival. This military-style strategy game sees you build up a community from scratch and expand in your effort to conquer the seven planets. It’s packed with great graphics and is perfect for megalomaniacs everywhere.

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