Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and MobileWindows: Want to make sure the files you send to the Windows Recycle Bin are securely deleted? Then use Freeraser instead. This alternative bin destroys sensitive files in a very effective way, so that they can’t be recovered later on with a restoration tool. Freeraser is very easy to use and features a nice, transparent icon that looks gorgeous on your desktop.

Complete mobile email solutionSymbian: If you just want one mobile app that will take care of all your email communications then take a look at Profimail. The client, which supports HTML, images and sounds, has been designed to maximise screen space, so you can see a large portion of each message when its open. It even lets you directly email photos you’ve taken using your phone’s camera.

Adium logoMac: Everybody knows that MSN Messenger on Mac is never as polished as it is on the PC. Still, that doesn’t mean you should give up chat clients altogether, as the Mac offers excellent alternatives, like Adium X. This messaging client is the perfect example of an excellent open source program. It’s very regularly updated and has a strong and active community and it works with almost all the IM services you’ll find.

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