Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile


Windows: Evri Toolbar brings the semantic web to your browser. What’s that? Well, you get much more intelligent search results, multimedia content, related terms and much more. It’s still only in beta, but it looks fantastic and makes a Google search seem very last year. It’s especially good at things like bands and names of people, although it’s a bit weak if you search for “table”!

Control iTunes remotelyiPhone: Ever wished you could tap into your iTunes library on your computer using your iPhone? Well, Remote allows you to do just that – and more! Remote gives you the power to control not only the music on your computer, but also on your Apple TV. This is all done using your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application is able to handle playlists and lets you browse your complete multimedia library.

Opacity logoMac: If you’re creative when it comes to icons, then try Opacity for size. Opacity covers three graphical areas for icons – applications, icons and the web. It offers the traditional pens, colors and zoom tools. You can use some of the templates to get working right away or start from scratch by selecting one of the different shapes and create your own interfaces, buttons and much more.

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