Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Are you in with the new crowd? Well the hipsters aren’t reading Twitter anymore, they’re listening. Shouttr sends twitter directly to your brain via your ear-holes. Never again will the internet generation needlessly read tweets – such a waste of eye energy anyway – as they connect to the new news stream of human consciousness.

Watch YouTube on your mobile

Symbian: If you really can’t bear to be away from YouTube while you’re out and about, then perhaps you should definitely install this official mobile version of the client. YouTube for Mobile is a compact, yet powerful port of the popular video sharing service, compatible with a variety of Series 60 devices. It offers a clear front-end that makes finding and playing content on YouTube quick and effortless.

Rip logoMac: Extracting audios from CDs is essential if you need to encode them into another format such as FLAC or Apple’s Lossless format. Rip makes it both quick and easy to do this, and much more. It’s actually a very advanced tool with such features as offset correction and accuraterip db support that mean you get more accurate and sophisticated ripping functions that in your average CD ripper.

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