Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Returnil Virtual SystemWindows: Have you ever wanted to test a program but were afraid of possible consequences for your PC? Here’s your life vest! Returnil Virtual System creates a temporary disposable copy of your system on a virtual partition that lets you test anything without ruining your actual system. Simply reboot and you’ll be back to your dear computer.

Monitor your physical activity using your phoneSymbian: Want to get in shape for the summer? Nokia Activity Monitor is an innovative utility that lets you monitor your level of physical activity using your phone. The program makes use of the accelerometer, a sensor included on some of the newer Nokia handsets. Activity Monitor uses this sensor to count the steps you take throughout the day.

0t_stainless.pngMac: Sick of browser crashes due to unstable tabs? Stainless is a new super lightweight browser that looks like Google Chrome but is much simpler and operates each tab independently. The advantage of this is that if you’re experiencing slow page loads due to Flash plugins or Java problems, it won’t affect the rest of the tabs!

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