Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Pocket PC : Using your mobile to watch online video? Why not give vtap a go? Search for videos without opening a web browser, or even visiting the site. Vtap pulls content from most major video sites, providing a convenient way to watch whatever you want from your Pocket PC.

Things iconMac: If you’ve ever read Dave Allen’s Getting Things Done then the newly updated Things might help you put some of his advice into practice. Things is an innovative task management program for Mac which lets you easily create tasks and organize them by type and importance in guiding you to become a more efficient worker.

Windows: If an e-reader is a gadget too far for you, but you like the idea of reading an electronic newspaper in its intended format, The New York Times TimesReader may be an answer. It’s really readable, and beautifully presented. This may be the model for the survival of newspapers in the future.

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