Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download WeGameWindows: Playing videogames can be fun, but sharing your glorious gaming deeds with your friends is even better. With WeGame you can easily record in-game videos with your greatest adventures, and share them online. The latest version 1.1.3 includes some improvements to logging and hooking systems, as well as fixed memory leaks.

Xmind logoMac: If you’ve never tried mind mapping, then you might be surprised at what it can do for you. You’ll make connections and see opportunities that you may not have considered before. XMind is definitely one of the better mind mapping apps out there with the huge added bonus that it’s absolutely free. Just sign-up for an XMind account, get creative and then start sharing your ideas instantly.

Get all the latest news on your PDAJava phones: Want to get to the heart of the latest breaking news, current affairs and entertainment? Then try out Pocket Express Europe 5.0, an app which assimilates all the latest European news and information in one place. All of the information is available easily through the program’s ultra-simple main menu. You simply click on one of the nine icons to take you directly to that kind of information (e.g. News, Sports, Weather, Stocks, Entertainment, Travel, etc.)

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