Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download GFI BackupWindows: Nobody is free from computer disasters, so the best you can do is make sure all your important data is conveniently backed up. With GFI Backup you can easily create copies of sensitive data, as well as sync contents between different folders. Backup copies can be scheduled,  compressed and encrypted for more security.

iwatermark logoMac: With so many photo-publishing avenues available on the Net, there’s now more risk than ever of your images being plagiarized or used without your permission. iWatermark is a powerful and effective way to protect your images, providing just about every conceivable control over how you wish to add watermarks.

Uhuhhuh - the King on your iPhoneiPhone: If you’re a fan of The King then make sure you check out Elvis Mobile. This iPhone app, from the developer of, is a haven of news and information about Elvis, allowing you to feed your passion for the wobbly-hipped burger fan anywhere you go. The application can be browsed using a neat sliding navigation panel at the bottom of the interface.

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