Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download TeraCopyWindows: Have you ever tried to copy really large files from one folder to another in Windows? Yes, it can take forever. Fortunately you can now use TeraCopy, a handy app that makes file copying and moving much, much faster. TeraCopy can be set as the default copy handler and is seamlessly embedded into Windows Explorer context menu.

Excellent scientific calculator for iPhoneiPhone: These days you don’t need to waste your money on a scientific calculator thanks to the spread of mobile software that will do the same job for you but for free. TouchCalc is a highly usable tool that transforms your iPhone into a scientific calculator. TouchCalc manages to cram a lot of function buttons onto the interface and yet still make them easy to select for even the thick-fingered user.

time log logoMac: Managing time spent on projects is essential to optimizing productivity. TimeLog is built to work with iCal, to keep track of time spent on different projects. With an interface at crossroads between iTunes and iCal, TimeLog gives you an immediate view of your different projects. TimeLog allows you to create smart lists to better organize your projects and can analyze them based on all major criteria.

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