Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Media JukeboxIs it possible to have a music manager, media player, CD ripper and MP3 tagger, all in one? The answer is yes and its name is J. River Media Jukebox. This excellent media application features just about anything you need to enjoy your favorite music at its fullest, all under a sleek dark interface and at an unbeatable price: completely free!

iBankiBank might just be the smartest finance organizer for Mac. This application not only integrates Apple features like iCal or CoverFlow perfectly, but it will also allow you to make all sorts of analysis and forecasts, manage your portfolio and connect to your online bank accounts. The interface is great to work with and all your financial data appears clearly. You can also generate all sorts of reports in graphs and charts.

Watch your movies on the goWhat do you do when you want to watch DivX movies on your mobile phone? You install DivX Player Mobile, of course. The program lets you watch DivX, AVI or MPEG movies in the player window or in full-screen mode. Control elements such as Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind, as well as the volume can be controlled easily via buttons or the stylus.

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