Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

joomla logoMac: Normally designing and publishing a website requires a certain amount of coding and database admin knowledge. Not so with the newly updated Joomla! which allows you to to set up a complete website in minutes. You don’t need to design or code anything. The whole design process is configured and customized through web menus, so that the only thing you need to worry about is creating good content for your site.

Translate text for freeiPhone: If you’ve ever used the Google Translate tool then you’ll know just how great it is for translating text from one language to another. If you want a slightly more convenient way of using the service on your iPhone then check out Free Translator. The app provides a mobile-optimized interface for Google Translate that makes it much quicker and easier to perform translations.

Windows: SmarterFox is a neat little add-on for Firefox that can really speed up your browsing. It adds functions to your right-click context menu, allowing you to easily search Wikipedia, Google in a click. You can also download all links or images from the page your viewing without hassle. For such a little program, SmarterFox is pretty impressive. It has a great range of functions that really do make browsing and searching easier and faster.

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