Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Hit the flumes in Waterslide ExtremeiPhone: App developers seem to be able to make a game out of anything these days, as you’ll see if you play Waterslide Extreme. The object of the game is to negotiate your way down a series of increasingly perilous flumes, collecting objects along the way. The faster you are and the more things you collect, the more points you will get. This all sounds like a strange idea for an iPhone game, but Waterslide Extreme manages to make it splashingly good fun.

Download Portable VLC Media PlayerWindows: If VLC is your favorite media player, why don’t you take it always with you? Now with Portable VLC Media Player you can always have this powerful, versatile media player always at hand. Simply copy it to a USB memory device and you’ll be able to enjoy music and videos anywhere, anytime, in almost any format.

dropzone logoMac: If you’re constantly making the same old file transfers, it’s really annoying having to browse to the right folders all the time. Dropzone does the hard work for you by allowing you to setup handy shortcuts for all your main transfer needs. All you need to do is setup a shortcut folder to which you can drag and drop files and you’re done!

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