Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download CopyTrans ManagerWindows: If you’re sick of using iTunes to manage the contents of your iPod, use CopyTrans Manager instead. This powerful alternative to the Apple tool gives you full control over your iPod or iPhone, and lets you create and manage playlists, add new music and videos and edit the file’s tags – including album artwork – everything on a simpler, lighter application.

dropzone logoMac: If you’re constantly making the same old file transfers, it’s really annoying having to browse to the right folders all the time. Dropzone does the hard work for you by allowing you to setup handy shortcuts for all your main transfer needs. All you need to do is setup a shortcut folder to which you can drag and drop files and you’re done!

Resident Evil comes to iPhoneiPhone: If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil games then make sure you check out Resident Evil: Degeneration Lite. This iPhone version of the popular zombie slasher is a completely adventure where you must save the World from a mutant attack. The back story is that a lone zombie is released into an airport when a plane mysteriously crashes into the terminal. Soon, everyone’s becoming infected – and it’s your job to blow them to pieces.

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