Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Windows: SmarterFox is a neat little add-on for Firefox that can really speed up your browsing. It adds functions to your right-click context menu, allowing you to easily search Wikipedia, Google in a click. You can also download all links or images from the page your viewing without hassle. For such a little program, SmarterFox is pretty impressive.

Flock logoMac: If Firefox ever does go down the wrong road or starts to decline, then Flock could be one of the main contenders to take its place. It’s based on the same engine, only with a greater focus on social networking integration. Flock 2 is the second major release of this excellent browser, with most of the improvements relating to enhanced security and performance.

How much charge have you got leftiPhone: The default battery life indicator on the iPhone looks nice, but isn’t the most precise way of telling how much time you have left before your next charge. Step forward BatteryStatus, a free application that gives you a more accurate guide to what you can do on your remaining charge. It assess how much longer you will be able to talk, use the Internet, leave idle, etc.

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