Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Music Rescue logoMac: If the worst happens and your hard drive crashes, you run the risk of losing all of your music. Of course, if you’re wise, you’ll regularly backup with something like Time Machine but if you do get caught out, help is at hand. Music Rescue is designed to help when all else is lost. When you’ve performed a scan and selected the tracks you want to save, click ‘Copy’ in the bottom-right and corner, select a save location and you’re done.

Download StellariumWindows: Star gazing is an old pastime that has improved a lot thanks to computers. With programs like Stellarium 0.10.2 you don’t even have to go out to the countryside: just run this app and you’ll be able to see stars, planets and constellation on your computer, in real time and with detailed information about each item. The new version corrects a few bugs and improves graphical rendering.

Virtual catapult on your iPhoneiPhone: Not all cowboys in the old west used guns you know. A little known fact is that many of them use catapults to keep their cattle in check – as you’ll realize when you play Slingshot Cowboy. This fun free iPhone game charges you with the task of hitting as many cows as you can with rocks fired from a slingshot.

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