Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download iArtworkIf you have too many missing album covers in iTunes it’s time to install iArtwork, an add-on that looks for all the album art your music library lacks. iArtwork’s search is based on ID tag information and its success rate is very high. Plus, you can manually select your favorite cover is there’s more than one for the album. Get it now and spice up your Coverflow!

ComicBookLoverIt’s great to have a printed, vintage issue of your favorite comics. Still, if you own a Mac, you’re almost better off using an application like ComicBookLover, which allows you to store, view and organize thousands of comic books in one place. The program offers a nice, clear display, lets you create smart lists and supports all the popular comic archive formats.

Play music in an iPod styleeOne of the main problems in my life at the moment is that I keep seeing more and more people on the street listening to their iPod Touch or iPhone. That in itself is not the problem, of course. The problem is I don’t have one. Luckily though, I stumbled across S2P, which allows you to replicate the iPhone/iPod Touch audio player on your Pocket PC.

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