Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Little Snitch logoMac: If you have a firewall you can block any external application from accessing your Mac. However what can you do to monitor outgoing traffic from your Mac? Little Snitch (now updated to version 2.2 b1) informs you of all outgoing connections. The latest version benefits from a significant redesign and bug fixes, which makes the information much clearer and more accessible.

Download ZincWindows: Tired of watching the same TV shows all the time? Try Zinc and see what other TV channels around the world are broadcasting! This simple Firefox plug-in adds a  nice interface to your browser for a quick, organized access to Internet TV. Besides online TV channels, you can also add media content from your own computer.

Mobile: If you’re one of those Twitter addicts who can’t bear to be away from the service, then Twikini is the Windows Mobile app for you. This free Twitter client offers a quick and straightforward way to send tweets and check what your friends are up to, while you’re on the move.

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