Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Go spaceship racing on your iPhoneiPhone: If you were a fan of those old PlayStation futuristic racing games then try Low Grav Racer. Like its inspiration, in Low Grav Racer you pilot a floating ship around a track against other racers, and along the way you’ll pick up power ups to give you a shield, or weapons to attack your competitors. Control is just a case of rolling the iPhone. Forward to accelerate, left and right to steer, and back to brake.

Windows: For a company whose programs are often big resource eating beasts, Norton really surprise with the lively and lightweight Norton Utilities. Registry cleaning, system optimization and much more can all be done quickly, easily and with a minimum of fuss. This is one of the best utility suites avaliable.

Read It LaterMac: If you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve bookmarked an item intending to read it later then Read It Later might be your solution. Read It Later is a Firefox extension which attempts to eliminate this problem by providing a way of “bookmarking” items for later reading that even integrates with iPhones and Google Reader.

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