Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Simplify Media logoMac: Sharing your music with others is a great way to get into new music and also reveal what awesome/terrible taste you have. Simplify Media (now updated to version 2.5) is designed to help you do this with the minimum of fuss over WiFi allowing you to share music via iTunes. In effect, it means that you can enjoy and share songs with your friends wherever they are as long as you’re connected to the web.

Download TVU PlayerWindows: If you’re tired of local TV, try tuning in to some foreign channels instead! With TVU Player you can watch satellite and cable TV over the Internet on your own computer, without any special hardware. Content is very varied – from soap operas to important sport competitions worldwide – and includes channels from many different countries.

ConvertbotiPhone: Convertbot aims to make the process of working with different scales of measurement much easier. The app handles all manner of conversions including currency, area, volume, speed, and temperature. There are 21 different categories of units available, and you can select or deselect those that you’d like to appear in the interface using the settings menu.

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