Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Batch File Rename UtilityWindows: Forget about spending two hours in front of your computer to rename a hundred files. Batch File Rename Utility can do the job for you in a much faster, more comfortable way. All you have to do is select the files and folders you want to rename, apply as many custom renaming rules as you need and you’re good to go!

Save the stickmen from drowningiPhone: Looking at the screenshots you’re probably thinking that Parachute Panic Lite is an 11-year-old’s homework assignment. In actual fact, it’s an entertaining and engrossing iPhone game. The object of Parachute Panic Lite is to guide the falling stickmen parachutists onto the boats. You do this by tapping on them as they fall in order to open their chutes.

folxMac: Not satisfied with your download manager? Then try Folx which can handle any file size and will download via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. It supports auto-resuming and most importantly, offers high-speed downloads thanks to ‘multi-threading’, which seeks more than one source for a file. Even better though is that Folx allows you to manage torrents too.

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