Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

James Thornton


Manage your iPhone battery more effectivelyiPhone: The default battery indicator on the iPhone looks pretty, but it doesn’t really give you much information other than a general idea of how much juice you have left. About Battery delivers a more powerful and advanced way of monitoring battery life on your iPhone. Rather than just give you an overview of the remaining power, the program breaks it down into calculations of the remaining time you have left for certain tasks.

Download SongrWindows: There are a few apps to listen to music in streaming, but what if you’d like to buy or download a certain MP3 to your hard drive? With Songr you can search the Web for selected MP3 files and download or buy them from within the program in seconds! Songr uses ten different MP3 search engines and also lets you locate songs by their lyrics.

doubletwist logoMac: With so many mobile devices available nowadays, it’s handy to have some way of syncing your data across them all. doubleTwist is aimed at the media side of this issue, allowing you to synchronize video and music across portable devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, PSP, cameras, and MP3 players. It’s ideal for syncing iTunes playlists across your mobile devices as well as many other media-syncing needs.

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