Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Family Tree BuilderAren’t you curious about your ancestors? If so, start asking your parents and grandparents for family info and build up your own personal history with Family Tree Builder. This excellent genealogy tool includes everything you need to create a complete family tree with highly detailed profiles about each family member. You can even publish your family tree to the Internet!

PhotoLineIt seems good alternatives to Photoshop pop up everywhere these days. The latest one I came upon is called PhotoLine. It offers a similar interface and, although not as advanced, has loads of effects, filters and layers and useful functions like HDR image creation or full masking support. Defnitely an app to try out!

Make your Pocket PC look like VistaFor all the bad press Vista gets, to its credit it is a great looking OS. It’s no surprise then that we’ve seen loads of skins and themes available as add-ons for other Windows (and Mac, for that matter) operating systems to make them look like Vista. The latest is Poorlyduck Vista Suit, which lets you transform the Windows Mobile interface on your Pocket PC with lots of Vista-style design elements.

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