Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Logic puzzle game for iPhoneiPhone: If your brain feels a little sluggish from time-to-time perhaps it’s time to install a logic puzzle on your mobile. ReMovem puts the brain cells of iPhone and iPod users to the test in an addictive logic game. The free game starts with a screen filled with colored balls, which you need to eliminate by making chains of same-colored balls.

Download HuginWindows: Panoramic images look awesome and are easier to create than you think, especially if you count on tools like Hugin. With Hugin you can generate your own panoramas in a few steps, and though the program might be a bit complex for beginners, it’s very well documented and includes all sorts of tutorials and guides.

MovCaptionerMac: Have you ever needed to add subtitles to a QuickTime movie but haven’t found the right tool? If so, then MovCaptioner can help. The main problem with doing this kind of thing is that audio and images move too quickly for you to keep up with. MovCaptioner tries to help by repeating a segment of a video until you’ve got the subtitles right.

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