Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download PandoWindows: If you need to share large files online, Pando is an excellent choice. This tool lets you send and receive large files (up to 1GB in size) via email, IM client or web, without any hassle! The latest version 2.3.3 includes enhancements in the P2P protocol, improvements in speed for Pando Pro and loads of bug fixes.

Take control of your own farmiPhone: Farmville is currently the most popular computer game in the World, with 65 million active monthly users. Now virtual farming comes to the iPhone in the shape of iFarm, a free game in which you need to make as much money as you can by working the land. You start with a simple plot of land and need to plow, plant and harvest crops in order to make money.

socialite logoMac: Socialite is a desktop social media manager for your desktop. Manage your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader and RSS feeds all from one interface. Socialite may be in Beta, but it feels like a very solid product. Clicking the add button allows you to choose a service to add, which requires inputting account details. After that, your chosen service will appear in the left column, and the contents will be in the main panel.

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