Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Adopt a dog on your iPhoneiPhone: Touch Pets Dogs is kind of an iPhone version of Nintendogs, allowing you to adopt a pup then take care of it and watch it grow. Your responsibilities will include feeding it, playing with it, cleaning it and training it. Touch Pets Dogs is very well presented and the 3D pooches are as cute as can be. They will melt your heart as they bound around the scream, yapping with delight.

Opera logoMac: The Opera browser somehow remains behind the scenes in the so-called battle of the web browsers. But with the newly released version 10.10, Opera has the chance to jump on stage as it proves an excellent alternative to other more widely-used ones. Opera 10 does show nice improvements too. Perhaps the most outstanding one is the Opera Turbo feature for super fast browsing and the integration of Unite.

cave logoMac: Have you ever felt the need to leave your Mac behind and return to Neanderthal times? Cave is a platform exploration game, like you may never have played before. Starting in a darkened cave, you are shown a girl and a boy, with their controls. You control both of them, flicking between them with the Tab key when necessary. There’s no information about what’s going on at the start, but tips will come your way.

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